Magnum Engineering Intl Inc.

Magnum Engineering International (’MEI’) is a subsidiary of Magnum D’or Resources (’MDOR’). Together with its affiliations MEI develops turnkey plants and complete environmental solutions using a profitable business model that assures quality, excellence and continual improvement of environmental performance. MEI possesses the capacity to provide a complete range of ‘one stop’ services to its clients, no longer do clients have to deal with multiple sources for their needs, MEI can handle it all.

With a specialization in tire recycling and rubber solutions, MEI is currently responsible for developing solutions to one of the largest tire monofills in the world, located in Colorado USA and owned by its parent company MDOR. MEI will provide engineering and environmental solutions to develop and commission an efficient and profitable tire recycling plant for the Colorado location. MEI will also provide engineering advice and assistance to Magnum Canada, a company located in Quebec Canada and owned by its parent company MDOR.

MEI currently holds a unique advantage over many other companies in the industry.
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Its access to certain technologies from the Magnum group of companies allows it to prersent its clients with a unique set of solutions and expertise. Such solutions and expertise result in a more profitable business model and puts MEI at a great advantage in the industry. Working closely with Magnum/SRI, MEI is able to deliver profitable solutions through a full package to its clients. In an ecological manner that is profitable to the Magnum group as well as the client